O.C....quinta temporada??

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    O.C....quinta temporada??

    increibleeee! staba x el youtube aburrida, y me encuentro un monton de videos como este!!

    y marissa vuelve??? ummmm todo es raro, sabeis algo??
    La otra noche te esperé bajo la lluvia dos horas
    Mil horas como un perro
    Y cuando llegaste me miraste y me dijiste
    Loco: Estás mojado, ya no te quiero

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    aiiiiiiiiiii OC me encanta esta serie
    al lado del video, donde la informacion sobre la persona que ha colgado el video aparece esto:
    So a lot of people have been asking me the same questions lately so I'm answering them here for everyone:
    1. There is gonna be about 26 episodes so there are about 6 left.
    2. As of right now I am not making a season 6. This may change in the future but I'm not planning on it now.
    3. As you can see there is a bit of a pattern on how I update these episodes. I upload about 2 videos a week and these episodes usually go up around 10 days after one another. Do not message or comment asking me if I'm going to continue or to hurry up. I think I'm very good with updating these on a pattern which many other vid users do not do so be patient.

    4. THIS IS FAKE THERE IS NO SEASON FIVE. THIS IS FAKE THIS IS FAKE THIS IS FAKE. I don't know how many different ways I can say this to make it any clearer. So don't complain that I'm a "bitch" because I don't feel like being nice to people who can't take out five seconds to read or don't have any common sense.

    Again, thank you to all my subscribers and all my commenters for their support
    This episode:
    -Ryan and Taylor attempt to "start over" fails when Ryan still refuses to talk to her about his feelings
    -Kirsten tries to get back to her old life now that she is recovered
    -Summer overhears one of Seth's phonecalls and accuses him of cheating on her again
    -Marissa tells Taylor she is done chasing after Ryan
    -Julie tries to bond with Kaitlin now that Jimmy has left again
    -Taylor gets fed up and decides to leave town

    Clips from: The O.C., One Tree Hill, Mount Pleasant, Jumper, Ghost Whisperer

    Song: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    Disclaimer: This is fake. THERE IS NO SEASON 5. I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.

    asi que parece ser que es una 5ª temporada inventada.... ojala hubiera!! jeje

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